Transitioning to high school, or from grade to grade can be daunting. For new students, learning the building, understanding how classes are scheduled, meeting new people, and even getting a MetroCard can present huge challenges. For returning students, getting to know new teachers, adjusting to a new program, and adapting to revised policies can make September just as difficult. Never fear, however, because                                                             your teachers, guidance counselors, and                                                         the rest of the AHC staff are here to help!


                                                   Some details to remember include: The                                                           school year is divided into two semesters,                                                       or terms. Each includes three marking                                                             periods. You will receive a report cards at                                                       the end of each marking period, though                                                         only term grades bear credit and are                                                               included on your transcript. Students are                                                       required to take and pass several Regents                                                       exams in order to graduate, in addition to                                                       earning 44 credits. For a Regents diploma,                                                     New York State requires passing scores in                                                       at least one math, social studies, science,                                                       and English Regents exam. We are                                                                   committed to incorporating the voices of                                                         our entire community - from                                                                               administrators, to teachers, to parents, to                                                       students, to local residents. If you ever feel                                                     confused or overwhelmed, don't hesitate                                                       to ask questions!

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