AP English Language and Composition-
Ms. Hormeku

AP English Language and Composition is an introductory college-level compositioncourse. Students cultivate their understanding of writing and rhetorical arguments through reading, analyzing, and writing texts as they explore topics like rhetorical situation, claims and evidence, reasoning and organization, and style.

AP Psychology-
Ms. Jerome

The purpose of the AP course in Psychology is to introduce the systematic and scientific study of the behavior and mental processes of human beings and other animals. Included is a consideration of the psychological facts, principles, and phenomena associated with each of the major subfields within psychology.

AP U.S. History-
Mr. Willdigg

AP U.S. History is an introductory college-level U.S. history course. ... Excerpted from the AP U.S. History Course and Exam Description, the Course at a Glance document outlines the topics and skills covered on the AP U.S. History Exam, along with suggestions for sequencing.

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