The mission of the Academy for Health Careers mathematics department is to make math accessible to all students. Students should leave Academy for Health Careers with the mathematical skills necessary to prepare them for a medical career. The mathematics department will provide an environment where students can learn and become efficient users of mathematics and mathematical processes. Moreover, the department will foster the development of students as mathematical thinkers and empower them to become life long learners and to continue to grow in their medical professions and to function as upstanding citizens. The mathematics department will introduce and develop mathematical concepts with coherence, tackle common student misconceptions, and accommodate all learners. We will help students make connections, develop a conceptual understanding of mathematics, and learn by doing.

Course Sequence:

Algebra - Ms. Jerome

Geometry -Mr. Gordon, Ms. Jerome

Algebra 2/Trigonometry - Mr. Gordon



The Academy for

Health Careers

Social Studies

Department is

committed to provide

our students with a

sense of the past and

an understanding of the ideals on which political, economic, and social development has been based. We will do this by helping our students become creative and independent thinkers by guiding them in the understanding and analysis of important political, geographic, economic, legal and social issues of our contemporary and historical world.

Course Sequence:

Global History 1 - Mr. Pipa

Global History 2 - Mr. Willdigg

US History - Mr. Mitchell

Participation in Government - Mr. Pipa, Mr. Willdigg,                                                             Mr. Mitchell

Economics - Mr. Pipa, Mr. Willdigg, Mr. Mitchell


The Science Department of                                                                           Academy for Health Careers                                                                           works to motivate and teach

students to scientifically

approach the world by

incorporating critical thinking, problem solving, and real-world application of science concepts into every classroom.

Course Sequence:

Living Environment - Ms. McLeod

Forensic Science - Ms. McLeod, Ms. Wright

Chemistry - 

Anatomy & Sports Medicine - Ms. Wright

Check out our course offerings below, organized by academic discipline. Use the links for each course, where available, to access a specific course overview.

English Language Arts

In a world over-saturated with information and misinformation, it is crucial for students to develop a keen eye for truth, to challenge the dubious assertions of an uncertain time, and find an independent, authentic, and eloquent voice to engage with the world around them, and fulfill their civic responsibilities to a nascent democratic society. Through engagement of rigorous texts, activities that challenge their creativity and imagination, and response to relevant, real-world challenges, students' literacy skills will blossom and thrive to meet the copious vicissitudes of our time.

Course Sequence:

English 9 - Ms. Hormeku

English 10 - Mr. Stapleton

English 11 - 

English 12 -  Mr. Stapleton

AP English Language & Composition - Ms. Hormeku


at AHC

                                                                Career &                                                                                 Technical                                                                               Education

Though classroom and laboratory instruction, the Career and Technical Education (CTE) department is dedicated to the healthcare career readiness of our students. The CTE department is committed to providing our students with the following:

  • An environment for learning and discovery in the areas of healthcare and biomedical sciences of the 21st century.

  • A supportive team approach to the health sciences of the 21st century.

  • A community that fosters a spirit of professional behavior and leadership in all students.

Course Sequence:

Exploring Health Care - Mr. Holder

Emergency Medicine - Mr. Francois

Hospital and Patient Care - Ms. Kablan

Financial Literacy - Mr. McIntosh

Career Explorations - Mr. McIntosh

Biomedical Technology - Ms. Saunders






The Academy for Health Careers Physical Art courses aim to develop basic drawing skills, foster appreciation of various art forms, and provide opportunities for students to practice working in various media.

Course Sequence:

Art - Ms. Ackerman







The Academy for Health Careers Physical Education team provides our students with engaging curricula that teaches the foundations of lifelong physical fitness, and instills core values such as teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Course Sequence:

Physical Education - Ms. St. Juste, 

Health -





Foreign Language

The Academy for Health Careers Foreign Language courses are designed to support students in developing basic conversational skills in French. Online coursework is available for advanced French students and student interested in learning a different foreign language.

Course Sequence:

French 1 - Mr. Compere

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